[VIDEO] Charles Koch Interview: Humility, Integrity More Important than Talent 

God bless the Koch family! They worked for everything that they have, unlike the Liberal Losers who want the hard working taxpaying Americans to support them and believe that they are “Entitled” to whatever they want to ROB American taxpayers out of!

I thank God for people like Trump and the Koch’s that are REAL Americans, and that believe in our Free Enterprise system NOT the Robbing Others system!! 

pundit from another planet


On ‘The Kelly File,’ the CEO discusses his upbringing, strategies for building a successful company.

“Success is one of the worst enemies of success, because it tends to breed complacency & lack of humility.”

“I’ve had the philosophy that John Adams expressed… That this is a system for moral people, it will work for no other.”

“If you never fail, then you’re probably not doing very much.”

“I want the power to go back to people making decisions over their own lives, rather than some experts making it.”

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