Speaker Ryan on Mission to Clean House, From the Ground Up: Put the White House on Lock Down Before the Obama’s Steal Everything Like the Clinton’s Did


I cannot wait until #Trump takes our W.H. and does #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN! They will for sure have to fumigate it, and replace carpets, paint walls, and I will be proud of our Patriotic American business man who is going to make our W.H. look like a palace instead of a THUG hangout for Criminals and Muslim DEMONS!

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312It will take far more than that to remove the stench that will be left behind when the Obama’s are finally run out-of-town.

New wallpaper,new drapes, carpeting and furniture will not get the job done. 

You probably thought I was going to mention ripping up the balcony to get rid of the water melon stains didn’t you, what do you think I’m a racist?obama-kidnap-plot

20150731_trumpIt might be simpler when Trump wins to have him rebuild the place entirely with all historical artifacts being put in lock down before the Obama’s have a chance to steal them.

Kinda reminds us of the Clinton’s theft of White House furniture, flat ware and cutlery

Picture far right above titled: Plot to kidnap Obama exposed.

Of course Hillary didn’t call it theft, she called it a mistake.


U.S. News and World Report

NOV. 1, 2015

Ken Walsh

-1Outgoing House Speaker John Boehner greets…

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