185,000 Americans bought guns on Black Friday … Citizens arming up at record pace as Obama subjects nation to land invasion via open borders – NaturalNews.com


Source: Natural News, by J. D. Heyes

As much as President Obama seems to reject the notion of allowing law-abiding Americans the right to choose whatever firearm they want to protect and defend themselves, he has been awfully good for the firearms industry – so good, in fact, that I’ve often wondered if the man secretly owns stock in gun making companies.

In fact, each new utterance of a desire to enact new “sensible gun laws” has led to record sales of guns, and that trend continued recently during “Black Friday,” as 185,000-plus Americans sought to arm up, as terrorism continues to threaten our communities, and our Southwestern border is violated more often than a New York City subway turnstile.

As reported by USA Today, more Americans completed background checks to purchase firearms on Black Friday than any other day on record, according to data released by the…

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