Ted cruz is more like obama…


Ted cruz is more like obama. ….

• Ted is a lawyer… So was Obama
• Ted’s father was not a U.S. citizen at Ted’s birth… neither was Obama’s father
• Ted was born a citizen of the foreign country… so was Obama
• Ted is Ivy League trained…. So is Obama
• Ted is often called “a constitutional expert,” – and so is Obama
• Ted is a first term Senator seeking the Oval Office…. So was Obama
• Ted’s father fought for a communist in Cuba… Obama’s fought for a communist       in Kenya
• Ted has lied about his eligibility for office…. So did Obama
• Ted married for political power…. So did Obama
• Ted is a narcissist… so is Obama
• Ted lies every time he opens his mouth…. So does Obama
• Ted has Harvard friends…. So does Obama
• Ted has accomplished nothing in the Senate…. Neither did Obama
• Ted has never worked in the private sector…. Neither has Obama
• Ted has a minority ethnic background…. So does Obama
• Ted has never run anything…. Neither had Obama
• Ted is running from the law on his eligibility…. So is Obama
• Ted hides behind sealed records and lawyers…. And so does Obama

In reality, Ted is nothing more than a carbon copy of Obama. The only difference between the two is one has a D behind their name and the other, an R.

Now, I realize that neither Cruz or Obama fans are ever impressed by any facts. Both are emotionally charged bandwagon riders who happily look past all known facts in order to enjoy their ride on the coattails of someone they believe destined for greatness.

But really kids? The above bullet points should totally eliminate any notion that Ted Cruz could be any better for America than Barack Obama…

Worst of all… there are only three words in the Charters of Freedom that prevent foreign agent con men like Obama and Cruz from ever holding foreign reign over the United States…. Those three words appear in Article II of the U.S. Constitution…. Natural born Citizen.  

source: Daria Rosario