Perverts and Predators Take Advantage of Insane “LBGT” Bathroom Laws

The Foxhole

While some states like North Carolina have enacted common sense public restroom laws that protect privacy, there are others who allow anyone to enter and use any public restroom regardless of who (or what) they are.

The consequences are not good.

Man Dressed as Woman Arrested for Spying Into Mall Bathroom Stall, Police Say – VA, Nov 17th, 2015

California Man Dressed as Woman Busted for Videoing in Women’s Bathroom – CA, Apr 10th, 2016

Man Strips In Women’s Restroom, Says New Transgender Rules Make It Totally Legal – WA, Feb 17th 2016

Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ to assault women in shelter – Toronto, Mar 4th 2014

“DA: Cross-Dressing Man Secretly Taped Women at Macy’s”

Some of the incidents involved men just walking into women’s restrooms without even pretending to be female.

You can expect more of these assaults and invasions of privacy the longer liberal idiocy…

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