The only promise that SOB kept was to “Fundamentally Change” America!

The rate of real economic growth is the single greatest determinate of both America’s strength as a nation and the well-being of the American people.On Thursday the Commerce Department announced that the US economy expanded at the slowest pace in two years. GDP growth rose at an anemic 0.5% rate after a paltry 1.4% fourth […]

via Obama just became ONLY president EVER who didn’t do this even ONCE… — Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


The only promise that SOB kept was to “Fundamentally Change” America, but his intentions are clear now, that his devious plan was to to turn America into a third world shit hole run by the Communists and Muslims, and for EVIL not Good!!! Obama, or whatever his name is…is the WORST thing ever to happen to our W.H.! He is NOT fit to run a Dog house, or a Whore house. He is a DISGRACE to America!! He is a LIAR, a THIEF, a MARXIST, a MUSLIM, and NOT eligible to hole the office that he now occupies!