Man Who Deceived The U.S. On Iran Deal Exposes The Deceit Emanating From Obama Admin.


Obama has proven time and again, that he is an EVIL, MARXIST, MUSLIM, TERRORIST USURPER!! The SOB should be in prison or hell already!! I cannot wait until he and Clinton both ROT IN HELL!! 


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Published on May 19, 2016

Video Transcript:

National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes wouldn’t appear before Congress to explain his comments about how the White House misled the media and the public.

JASON CHAFFETZ: Well he should have been there. He had seven days notice. And then less than 24 hours before the actual appearance he was supposed to make, the White House suddenly claims they’re going to use separation of powers. He goes to newspaper interviews, he goes to the podium of the White House, he makes himself readily available but only to those select people in his echo chamber that he knows he’s going to get a good spin from.

Rhodes instead chose to attend an event and told the public his lies are how D.C. operates.

RHODES: Monday morning quarterback – every article that I’ve been a party to, I will say that when things like this…

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