ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Hillary a fraud critic! — Arlin Report

Hillary not the best critic of fraud! Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a fraud. That is absolutely hysterical! Hillary the Queen of Corruption, The Queen of Lies. Hillary criticizing anyone for anything is absurd, laughable. She should be careful, the Donald doesn’t like being attacked…….Hillary is digging a political grave. Hillary! […]

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This Corrupt, Communist Cunt should be arrested for TREASON, and Obama should be in Gitmo for TERRORISTIC actions against the United States of America!!

We knew the witch would try dredging up anything to try and stop #TRUMP!

For GOD and country please do NOT vote for the WITCH! She has ROBBED the American taxpayers and sided with the Barbaric savages of islam! She is a MURDERESS and a TRAITOR to all Legal Americans and our Military HEROES, that have fought and died to keep our country FREE!

As far as I am concerned, anyone that does NOT vote, or votes FOR that EVIL WITCH is a TRAITOR to the United States!!

My patriotic ancestors that fought, bled, and died to keep America free would turn over in their graves to see what the Benghazi Bitch and the Obama Thug have done to our beloved nation!! Vote for the American this time!! 


Vote for #ONLYTRUMP to save America and #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN!!