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Just looking at the Benghazi Bitch makes me sick! She is a LIAR, a CON, a Communist, a Crook, an Enabler, a TRAITOR, and a MURDERESS!! Her and her so called RAPIST husband both should be in GITMO with the other TERRORISTS! Both Obama’s belong there too!!!

The only people that may vote for her are either “brain dead” or just “dead”!!

No one that loves America and is NOT a Traitor, would even think about voting for the Witch!! UNITE for America and vote for #ONLYTRUMP to STOP the Bitch!!


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crew-2231211Sometimes I can’t help myself.

As the Clinton campaign continues on its train to nowhere, I feel compelled to share the joy.

End of The American Dream

Michael Snyder

June 5, 2016

Should we be surprised that Hillary Clinton has come up with perhaps the worst presidential campaign logo in American history? 

This is a woman that has never seemed to be able to do much of anything right, and yet she may end up being our next president. 


And it is sad commentary on the state of this nation that we would willingly choose such a leader. 

The Clinton’s have been continuously immersed in scandal since their days in Arkansas in the 1980s, and yet tens of millions of Americans still worship them. 

The Clinton’s could probably sacrifice children to Baal on national television and most of their supporters would still love them. 

Hillary Logo I'm With Stupid


Hillary Logo Headed To Hell

There is no way…

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