BHO is Destroying America Faster Than Anyone Thought Possible!


Dennis Schiely

I am not incompetent.
I am destroying America faster than anyone thought possible.
I am not in-over-my-head.
I am advancing totalitarianism right under your noses.
I am not stupid.
The stupid are those who fail to see the danger I bring.
I am not failing.
I am succeeding at every goal I have set.
I am embracing your enemies and rejecting your friends.
I am acting lawlessly and unconstitutionally.
I am ignoring your Constitution.
I am disobeying your laws.
Your media is abetting me.
Your Congress is not stopping me.
Those sworn to defend the Constitution are not removing me.
I am fundamentally transforming the United States of America.
Your Constitution, liberty, freedom, wealth, future & children are no longer at risk . . . the risk is past; they already are lost.

Barack Hussein Obama or Barry Soetoro or whatever his name is.

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