Update: McKinney Pool Party Case – Texas Grand Jury Delivers “No Bill” Decision – Officer Eric Casebolt…

God bless the poor police officers, that were just doing their jobs, that by the way we pay their salaries with our taxpayers dollars. They should not have had to go through this “three ring circus”! Praise God, justice was done and the officers were cleared!!

I am so sick of the Criminals and Obama’s THUG children getting away with unacceptable and Criminal THUG behavior! The little THUGS need to learn that with “actions” there are “consequences”!! They need to not be allowed to play the “BLAME GAME”, like their Criminal hero Obama does! I blame Obama and all of his “RACE -BAITERS for the PUNKS thinking that they are above the law, they are NOT!! 

I partly blame the parents, but mostly the screwed up system that allows these PUNKS to get away with their CRIMINAL behaviors!! Not just “Black Lives Matter” but “ALL LIVES MATTER”!