Hillary freaks out as protesters rush the stage at her rally

I pray everyday for the and are forced to pay their consequences of all of their EVIL! I hope that both of them ROT IN HELL for all the MURDERS that they are RESPONSIBLE for!!

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell

August 4, 2016

You are damn right she should be scared and not because she will lose the election.


H.M.S. Hillary

Even she knows voices from her inner circle are telling her she is burnt toast.

hillary-clintonTeflon_MoleculeHer delusions about being the inventor of Teflon are just that.

Even her chances along with those of “Slick,” of hooking on to meaningful positions with the U.N. are gone.


Note the lack of agents standing in front of her, smart guys !

Imagine if you will, being a Secret Service Agent tasked with protecting this slug wanting to jump in front of her to take one if some nut case attempted to shoot her.

With here familiarity with Libya, particularly the now defunct CIA gun running headquarters, she may want to put in for an ambassadorship for the two of them before Donald Trump buries her alive in November.



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