Obama is a TRAITOR, and is Aiding the Terrorists!


Just after ISIS made Iraqi troops turn tail and run away, leaving behind their US made military hardware, Obama had the opportunity to nail them, completely wiping them out. BUT… they held a few dozen civy’s as hostages because they knew our policy is to not fire upon them when civilian casualties are eminent. They marched in parade form into Ramadi as victors, while the news reported it like some grand homecoming.

A general pointed out that it was the best time to put an end to ISIS, and remove their threat while using US hardware. Obama refused the attack because it would make him look to be an aggressor, while disregarding “human rights” creating civilian casualties of war.

My thoughts are that the REAL reason was that he was ENABLING the enemy!

As my friend said, who has intelligence within the administration: “Obama is more concerned about his Nobel Peace Prize image than he is in doing the right thing by eliminating the enemies of America. Had Obama been President at the end of WW II, we would be speaking German and Japanese today.”He claimed that Obama’s sole purpose in the formation and growth of ISIS is the caliphate of Islam throughout the world. “There is no doubt he is one of them, as are many who surround him within his administration. The problem becomes in proving it… then getting that proof out there so that the citizens of America knows who that man really is, and who he is really working for.”

He sure as hell is NOT working for the American people or our military HEROES!