Hillary’s Immigrant Mob Attacks Trump Gathering in Minneapolis

MN Prager Discussion Group

A Hillary Roddham Clinton’s  open borders mob rallied to attack Minnesota  Trumpians gathering downtown Minneapolis this past Friday evening.  Ms. Clinton supports vast numbers of immigrants, legal and illegal to storm America in time for the November 8th national election to end the United States of America as we have known it.

The attack was small in number but hostile and violent in act.

Like the recent Islamist invaded Sweden, one of Minnesota’s Motherlands, Democrat Minnesotans, especially those with college degrees of the past couple decades, are thrilled to transform  their own American JudeoChristian, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum culture established over the past 150 years….the one that used to value a number of freedoms…speech, assembly, learnings of truth in history…..the one based on civilized democratic principles and freedom into a New Soviet-Fascist State of the Equal led by Comrade Hillary Roddham Clinton and her feminists, black racists, legal…

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