OMG, I just love you, Alex Jones! I cannot believe it, I had not seen your video before tonight. I had already planned to write a post to my blog on the EXACT title you used for your video. I agree with you on EVERY point!!

America is supposed to be a Republic NOT a Demon-Racy!! This is NOT a new video, but the message is IMPERATIVE for all American Patriots that love our beloved nation to view!

In case you were unaware, we no longer have the Republic that our founding fathers envisioned and founded. In fact, it’s not even close. What we all have now is a corrupt Socialist Democracy. Where those in power pull every string they have to keep the citizenry divided. While they strip everything away that threatens their grasp on power. source: Earl Wright, I Want My Republic Back

We desperately need to stop the N.W.O. Communists Globalists from finishing off America. GOD help us all if the #BenghaziBitch #Gobalist #CrookedClinton is allowed to have her way bought into our W.H.!! For God’s sake, please compare the candidates, they are the completely different people!


TRUMP: is Honest, and he has Integrity! He is for Legal Americans, and for #MakingAmericaGreatAgain! He wants to control our borders, make them secure, protect our right to keep our guns, lower taxes, make our country conducive to bringing employment and businesses back to America, and help our veterans. He will work for US!!

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CLINTON: is a proven LIAR, and she has NO Integrity! She is for the Illegals, and bringing America down, taking away our guns, she wants open borders, no security, NO wall, HIGHER taxes, WILL NOT bring back businesses or jobs! She will work for herself and the Globalists of the N.W.O.!!