Roger Stone: Wednesday will be end of Clinton’s campaign

I pray to GOD that he is right! Clinton and Obama both belong in prison for TREASON!

The Crusader Journal

Vocal supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and political insider Roger Stone, declared that Wednesday would be the end of  Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Late Saturday evening Stone, who is a former advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, published a post on the social media platform Twitter that eluded to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign being ‘done’.

“Wednesday @Hillary Clinton is done. #Wikileaks,” Stone tweeted, as quoted on the website The Hill.

Julian Assange, who is the co-founder of WikiLeaks, has as of late threatened to release hacked documents regarding Hillary Clinton, calling the highly anticipated trove of potentially damaging documents as an ‘October surprise’.

The social media post from Stone came before Julian Assange announced that the website would cancel Tuesday’s document dump, citing sudden security concerns, as reported by the website Heat Street.

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