#TRUMP is a Saint Compared to the Obama’s and Clinton’s!!


#TRUMP is a Saint Compared to the Obama’s and Clinton’s!!I could care less what the hell he SAID in the past! I care about what he DID! He NEVER RAPED, TORTURED, ROBBED, or MURDERED anyone like the #CLINTONCARTEL has!! And…he is NOT a DOPE FIEND like the Obama’s and Clinton’s have admitted to being!!


And…Hussein has been shown on video showing off his “hard on” on an airplane filled with female reporters!! He is DISGUSTING and SHAMEFUL, and I don’t hear anyone bitching about him or the COMMIE PIG Hillary Clinton, or the RAPIST Bill Clinton!!


The #CorruptClinton’s and #CorruptObama’s ALL LOST their law licenses for corruption and lying!



The BIASED bought off MSM are trying everything in their power to try and STOP the #TRUMPTRAIN!! They are DESPERATE!! #TRUMP loves America and he will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!!!

“I do not care if Donald Trump called a woman fat. I do not care if he tried to sleep with a woman or if he likes “beautiful” women.

I care that he sent a plane to pick up 200 Marines who were stranded after desert storm.

I care that he supports our police officers and first responders.

I care that he supports guns and standing behind our military.

I care that he supports the death penalty and is AGAINST abortion.

I care that he supports enforcing immigration laws.

I care that he wants to destroy radical Islamic groups.

I care that he supports COAL.

These are things I care about.

Him talking sexually about women does not bother me. Were they mean words? Yes. Were they words spoken in PRIVATE? Yes. Have you ever talked to your friends about the opposite sex in private and said things? I’m positive all of you have. But, News Flash!! Women have been sexualized for centuries!! Jay-Z, Lil’ Jon, Lil’ Wayne and every single other rapper helped establish that platform, but people are ok with music blasted all over the radio degrading women. Ever heard of Victoria Secret? Or their fashion show? Ever heard of Hooters? People are ok with that too. Until all of these things are different, women will be viewed this way. Your precious Obama couldn’t change that and Hillary can’t either.

I feel sorry for the women Donald has belittled and said terrible things about.

But I’m still much more offended by what Hillary Clinton has DONE over what Donald Trump has SAID… PERIOD!!!!”

by Sandie McGuinness