TRUMP is OUR candidate, He IS OUR President!



The time has come for all of us to decide.

Do we want Freedom or Tyranny?
Do we want Prosperity or Disparity?
Do we want Clinton or Trump?
Against all odds, Donald Trump has repeatedly emerged victorious.
Defeating the naysayers who have cast aspersions against him.
Even those from HIS OWN PARTY!!

Trump is OUR candidate, he will be OUR President, BUT …
Do not ask me to support those who were unwilling to support him.
I CANNOT support those in my own party who have worked against our candidate.

Cowardly acts of betrayal must not be rewarded.
Flip-flopping fair weather endorsements are not welcome.
If they don’t like OUR candidate, then they can go to the Libertarian Party for all I care.

The GOP will only remain strong if we remain strong and reject Rubio, Ayote, Cruz, Bush, Graham and all of the other RINO’s within OUR Party.
The people have spoken – #DonaldTrump will fix the mess we are all in.

Let’s all show the Fat Cats of the Elite that WE, the PEOPLE get to decide who our next leader will be.


Drain the Swamp – If they don’t support Trump, we won’t support them.
I’m patient, if I must, I can wait for the mid-term elections to put TRUE Patriots in office where they belong.
A clear different business man for the voters is preferable to any other limp RINO taking up space and a paycheck.