FBI sought Clinton Foundation probe; Justice Department nixed it


The CRIMINALS are in power today. I pray to God that #Trump takes our W.H., and then the CRIMINALS will be purged and arrested. I will NEVER vote for the #CriminalClintonCartel!!! Obama is NOT and has NOT been my president either. They are all CRIMINAL THUGS! For God and country vote for our only hope, Donald J. Trump!!

The Ugly Truth


Public corruption prosecutors were skeptical about information received by agents, sources sa.

ed note–Yes, there is an internal war going on here, partly evidenced by the fact that the Justice Department–which is headed by a politically appointed figure–finds itself at odds with the FBI, which is less political and more driven by it’s mission of fighting crime.  It can be assumed that the FBI knows a lot more about HRC than it is saying, to the point that it is willing to get involved with the messy business of election year politics in order to prevent this dangerous person from getting into the WH.

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