I will NEVER respect a CRIMINAL for president!


I will NEVER respect a CRIMINAL for president! Clinton is a CRIMINAL! I will NEVER vote for a CRIMINAL!!

Hussein was a CRIMINAL, FOREIGNER, TERRORIST Usurper, and America is bleeding to death already. The BenghaziBitch ENABLED Hussein to enter our W.H.! If that #BenghaziButcher is allowed into our W.H. there WILL be war! Those EVIL BASTARDS will NEVER take away our guns!

The Tea Party is NOT dead!        Texas Tea Party Patriots

If they kill us Legal, taxpaying Americans off, then who the hell will they have to ROB!!

I will NEVER respect the process that allows a Terrorist Usurper to continue destroying our nation!! I will vote for #ONLYTRUMP! Then we will ARREST the CRIMINALS, when we have a “Law and Order” president that loves America!!