How Do You Confront Evil? Cut OFF the Head! Confront It!

Texas Tea Party Patriots

snake-devouring-the-little-fish-usFor the first time today, I actually watched Bill O’Reilly. He asked the question of how to confront evil. I actually agreed with him on some of his points.

I had been thinking about a topic for a new blog post since last night.  Today, I am hearing about the psycho, racist dog that gunned down the innocent people who were in church in South Carolina. I will not mention his name or give him any attention, because that is what he wanted. His father should be arrested for purchasing his psycho son a gun.

Banning guns is NOT the answer!! Psychos and Criminals will always find a way to obtain a gun or other weapon to hurt others. Outlawing guns will NOT fix this problem, because then only Criminals and Psychos will own guns! 

In my program, I have been taught the story about the “Snake in the grass”…

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