Our President Trump Is Doing What Is Right For All Of Our Nation, And Our Military!

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Our President Trump Is Doing What Is Right For All Of Our Nation, And Our Military! Stand With Our President, Or GTH OUT Of The Way! We the People Will NEVER Surrender To Your Demonic Ways! We WILL Fight To Defend Our President Against You DEMONS That Plot Against Him and our nation!  All of you TRAITORS standing in our President Trump’s way WILL be voted out!


I have empathy for Transgender people. Yes, they are Humans but they obviously have mental problems, AND we do NOT need people with MENTAL problems in our military!!

There is nothing Un-Christian about the whole issue. They have the freedom to be whomever they want to be, but do NOT have the right to dictate they we MUST accept them and support their IGNORANT choices to alter and abuse the body that God gave them!!


So, do NOT try to push your SICK agendas on us! We need mentally and physically fit men and women for our military. Muslims need to be banned too!! They do NOT assimilate, nor do they have the capacity to swear allegiance to America but their satanic leader mohammed!!

My God, look what an EVIL SOB we had occupying our W.H. did to our nation for his satanic cult of islam! And what the muslim MURDERER in our military did to our HEROES in Killeen, Texas!! STOP THE MADNESS!!