BOOM! Imran Awan Had Access to Email of Every Member of Congress — SOLD SECRETS to Foreign Agents

Jim Campbell's

TheRepublican, Senate, and House Judiciary Committees have done a horrible job in bringing those who have done more, than “Their fair share, of “Evil to America to justice.

It’s time they win this one, and win it big sending those involved in our political system to prison.

It just doesn’t get any more criminal than this!

The Washington Swamp has had its share of Assassinations and murders, none compare to what has just been revealed below.

It’s a cinch we won’t hear this from the leftist media as it doesn’t follow their agenda.

It’s up to us to share this with Democrats and Republican’s alike.

Fortunately, it seems the FBI is doing its job and yanked Awan off his place destined for Pakistan.

If the Republican’s fail to bring all of those to justice in this case, we may as well kiss our Constitutionally driven Republic, “Goodbye.”

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